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Spectacular creations from Marianelas. Each piece re-vamp to add drama in a unique and artistic way. The fabrics are durable stronger the details are fine, richer, exquisite. The stitches are real. We absolutely love to embellish and adorn with sequins, beads, ruffles, lace and more

Marianelas Features

Eye catching distinctive, sophisticated pieces. We carefully craft all of our unforgettable dresses.


Disposable clothes are invading our stores. The so called fast fashion industry with a single use theory is contributing to immense pollution and this is having a big impact to the environment.

We want customers whose values reflect our own.  To buy fashion with a legitimate value and a feasible end use.   Yes, assign value to your clothes and value is not about price it's about a unique piece of clothing a dress that is different, rare, that means something that tells a story or it has a cause.  To take this art of old farication and re-vamp them to fit our new style is just awsome!!!  We value our garments and our outfits are re-created with high quality products that already exist. This is what makes Marianelas the new way of fashion clothing.

Our goal is to be a successful business that do better for both consumer and the planet.

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